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Patron: Professor Antônio Ferreira Cesarino Júnior (1906-1992)


The eternal professor Cesarino Júnior – Patron of the Paulista Academy of Labor Law – was born in Campinas on March 16, 1906 and died on March 10, 1992, at the age of 86, in São Paulo, his body being veiled in the hall. noble of the Faculty of Law and buried, the following afternoon, in the São Paulo cemetery, in Pinheiros, with significant accompaniment of former students, employees and teaching colleagues.

Countless tributes were paid in his memory, in Brazil and abroad, deserving special mention the attribution of his name to the room where he taught for so many years, during the commemoration of the centenary of the “Centro Acadêmico XI de Agosto” (2003), accompanied by the inauguration of the portrait of its patron, in the presence of the faculty director, Professor Eduardo César Silveira Vita Marchi, who presided over the ceremony, which was attended by countless friends and family members of the illustrious honoree.

He was the systematizer of Labor Law in Brazil, with the publication of the first books on the subject: “Brazilian Social Law” (1940) and Procedural Labor Law (1942). Innovative in the methodology of teaching Law, instituting internships in the labor courts, unions, the Regional Labor Office, the National Institute of Social Security and the Personnel Department of companies, in addition to preparing small monographs on doctrinal or jurisprudential topics, under his guidance or assistants.

It held in São Paulo, in 1954, the first World Congress on Labor Law. It formed the first generations of labor lawyers and judges. Author of several other books and countless articles on Labor Law and Medicine in national and foreign journals.

He died on March 10, 1992.

Bachelor of Science and Letters (Culto a Ciência College, Campinas, 1923)
Bachelor of Laws (São Paulo Law School – USP, 1928)
Doctor in Law (University of São Paulo Law School – USP, 1938)
Doctor (São Paulo School of Medicine, 1952)
Doctor in Economics (Faculty of Economic Sciences, USP, 1960)


cesarino junior.jpg

Sanitary Physician (School of Hygiene and Public Health, USP, 1965)

Full Professor at the State Gymnasium (Campinas, 1929, São Paulo, 1934)

Full Professor at the USP Law School (1938 – First professor of 'Social legislation' in the country)

Visiting Professor at the University of Wisconsin, (USA, 1953)
Honorary Professor at the Central University of Venezuela (1955)
Full Professor at the Faculty of Economics at USP (1960), where he had been a professor since 1948.
Titular Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (Sorocaba, 1962)
Former member of the Committee of Experts of the International Labor Organization (Geneva, 1976)
Professor Emeritus at the USP Law School (1978)
Honorary Member of the Society for Occupational Medicine (Strasbourg, 1954)
President of the Society of Social and Work Medicine (São Paulo, 1955)
Member of the National Academy of Legal Letters – Co-founder, Honorary President and Effective President of the Société Internationale de Droit Du Travail et de la Sécurité Sociale (Geneva, 1958 and 1982)
Co-Founder and First President of the National Association of Occupational Medicine ANAMT (São Paulo, 1968)
Honorary Member of ANAMT (São Paulo, 1977)
Honorary President of the National Academy of Labor Law (1978)


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