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Scholars & Patrons

Ericson Crivelli

– Lawyer, registered with OAB-SP 71.334, since 10/13/1983.

– Bachelor of Laws from the Faculty of Law of USP with specialization in Public and International Law, 1981.

– Doctor in International Law from the Faculty of Law of USP, 2004

– Master in Political Science from UNICAMP, 2000

– Specialist in collective labor relations from the University of Bologna and John Hopkins University/Bologna Center, 1988

– Commander of the Labor Order of the Superior Labor Court (TST), 2004

– Visiting Professor at the ILO Training Center/Turin, 2002/2003

– Postgraduate professor at ESA/OAB-SP.

– Visiting Professor at CESIT/UNICAMP, 1996/1997

– Substitute professor in the chair of International Relations Law at the USP Law School, 2002/2003

– Chair of the OAS Trade Union Technical Advisory Committee, 2003/2005

– Counselor of AATSP, 2000/2002


Chair No. 40

Patronus: Oscar Ermida Uriarte

– External legal advisor - ILO Brazil since 2003 and current member of the social responsibility commission of this association.

– Member of the Defense Committee of the Labor Office-Núcleo Trabalhista of the OAB-SP, 2003/2006

– Consultant Member of the Special Commission on Trade Union Law of OAB-SP, 2016

– Member of the National Commission on Social Rights of the Federal Council of OAB-SP, 2013

– Member of the Trade Union Law Commission, OAB-SP, 2011

– Rapporteur Member of the Third Panel of the Ethics and Discipline Court of OAB-SP, 2011

– Recognition Laureate, OAB-SP, 2011


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