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Scholars & Patrons

Guilherme Miguel Gantus

  Lawyer, founding partner of Gantus Advogados Associados, registered with the OAB-SP under no. 153,970;

  State Councilor of OAB-SP;

  Chairman of the OAB-SP Relationship Commission with the Regional Labor Court 2nd Region;

  Member of the Superior Council for Labor Relations – Cort; Resolution of the Presidency of FIESP No. 003/18, of 03/26/2018;

  Special Legal Advisor (labor area) of the National Tourism Confederation;

  Special Legal Advisor (labor area) of the Federation of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Similar Services of the State of São Paulo;

  Lecturer at the OAB-SP School of Law;

  Permanent member of the Superior Council for Legal Affairs – Conjur/CNTur;

  Maintaining Member and Counselor of the São Paulo Labor Lawyers Association;

  Member of the São Paulo Lawyers Association;

  Postgraduate Degree in Civil Procedural Law (GVLAW);

  Specialist in business law with emphasis on labor and civil law;

  Specialist in Mediation and Arbitration (GVLAW).

  International University Extension at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia;

  Specialization Course in Labor Law at Universidad Castilla La Mancha;


guilherme-miguel-gantus gde.jpg

Chair No. 29

Patron:  Argemiro Gomes

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