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Homer Batista Mateus da Silva


– Head judge of the 88th Labor Court of São Paulo.
– Assistant judge of the judicial vice-presidency of the TRT of the 2nd Region in the period 2016/2018.
– Coordinating judge of the National Commission for the Effectiveness of Labor Execution of the Superior Council of Labor Justice in the period 2014/2016.
– Doctor and Master in Labor Law from the University of São Paulo.
– Professor at the Law School of Largo de São Francisco (undergraduate and graduate).
– Author of "CLT Commented" (2016), of "Comments on Labor Reform" (2017) and of the ten volumes of the collection "Curso de Direito do Trabalho Aplicado" (4th edition, 2017), all published by Editora Revista dos Tribunais.
– Creator on social networks of labor law debate pages at the address @professorhomero


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Chair No. 17

Patronus: Valentin Carrion

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