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Jair Tavares da Silva


– Lawyer registered with OAB/SP 46,688

– Bachelor's degree in 1976 from the Faculty of Law of USP.

– Specialization course concluded in December 1986, at FDUSP, with 420 class hours, qualifying for the Higher Teaching of the Federal Education System, with a concentration in the area of Commercial Law.

– Head of Legal at Banco Real SA from November 1982 to February 1993, being responsible for a team of 40 lawyers in SP, RJ, BH and Brasília. On June 9, 1993, he participated in the constitution of the law firm “Câmara, Bosisio, Ximenes, Maranhão e Tavares - Advogados”, registered with the OAB/SP on 07.27.1993, today called “Tavares, Ragazzi e Advogados Associados, also constituted before the OAB/RJ on August 4, 2011.

– He works predominantly in the labor, litigation and preventive business area, serving large companies, with 39 lawyers in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


Jair Tavares da Silva.jpg

Chair No. 5

Patronus: Nair Lemos Gonçalves

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