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Luis Carlos Moro

Born in São Paulo, on February 12, 1967.
Son of Maria Elisa Sani Moro and José Victorio Moro.
Bachelor of Laws from the Faculty of Law of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (1989).
Specialist in Labor Law from the Largo de São Francisco Law School of the University of São Paulo (1991).
Interuniversity Master in Social Dialogue in Europe by Universidad Castilla La Mancha, Spain (2010).
Former President of the São Paulo Labor Lawyers Association (1998/2000).
Former President of the Brazilian Association of Labor Lawyers (2000/2002).
Former President of the Latin American Association of Labor Lawyers (2003/2005).
Former Counselor and Former Director of the São Paulo Lawyers Association (2007/2015).
National Patron of Labor Lawyers at the XXXIV National Congress of Labor Lawyers (2016).
Vice-President of the Luso-Brazilian Association of Labor Lawyers (2016/2018).
Secretary General of the American Association of Jurists - AAJ (2017/2019).
Professor of Labor Law and Procedure at several private higher education institutions.



Chair No. 21

Patron: Rio Branco Paranhos

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