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Scholars & Patrons

Nadia Demoliner Lacerda

- Lawyer. Specialist in Mackenzie Business Law,

– Master in Labor Law - University of São Paulo (2006).
– PhD in Labor Law - University of São Paulo (2014).

– Lawyer, partner responsible for the labor area of the Mundie e Advogados Office, working mainly in the preparation of opinions and preventive and litigation advice on the following topics: individual and collective law, guidance to foreign investors, implementation and review of expatriate management policies, modalities compensation, moral and sexual harassment, indemnities, occupational accidents, health, safety, supplementary pension plans, audits and strategic planning in HR, leadership training, special administrative cases before the Public Ministry of Labor and litigation filed before the Justice of the Work.

– Until May 2012, she was a consultant associated with the Mesquita Barros Advogados Office, responsible for coordinating the international and advisory area.


Chair No. 33

Patronus: Prof. Amauri Mascaro Nascimento

  Effective member, exhibitor and participant of the International Bar Association   IBA.

  Collaborator in Brazil of the World Bank's “Doing Business” project.

  Member of the Brazilian Institute of Social Law Cesarino Junior.

– Professor at FADISP - Autonomous Faculty of Law of São Paulo, until 2010, as a member of the team of Professor Cássio Mesquita Barros.

  Author of the books Safety and Health of the Worker, LTr, 2011, and Migração Internacional a Trabalho, LTr, 2014.


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