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Rafael Edson Pugliese Ribeiro

– Born in Araçatuba, he was a lawyer and joined the judiciary in 1988, through a public tender. He was promoted to full judge in 1992 and to judge in 2002, awarded the Order of Judicial Merit.
– Held several positions at the Court: president of the 6th Panel (2004/06, 2012/14), member of the Internal Regulations Committee that drafted the current Regulations, auxiliary corregidor (2013), member of the Special Body (2006/08, 2012/ 14) and member of the Jurisprudence Committee (2012/14).
– Honored by Internal Affairs (1999/00), Presidency of the Court (1994), Special Body (1993, 2001), Superior Council of Labor Justice (2003) and Paulista Academy of Labor Law (2014).
– TRT-2 collaborator in several administrative projects, member of competition boards and evaluated as the most productive judge in the years 2004 to 2006. fixed.

– Member of the Academia Paulista de Magistrados, he is a speaker at conferences and author of published legal articles.



Chair No. 23

Patronus: Delio Maranhao

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