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Scholars & Patrons

Ricardo Ammirati Wasth Rodrigues

– Lawyer registered with OAB/SP 72.051, full partner of Ammirati & Wasth Rodrigues – Sociedade de Advogados.
– Specialization Course (postgraduate) in Business Law, held at Universidade Mackenzie, under the coordination and guidance of Ives Gandra da Silva Martins, in 1985 and 1986 (3 semesters).
– University extension course, in a specialization degree, held at the University Extension Center, in 2003, under the coordination of Prof. Ney Prado, former Labor Judge of the 2nd Region.

– Numerous other courses and professional internships in Argentina, Spain, France, Italy and the United States, as I will detail later.

– XXXIII Cycle of Studies in Strategic Policy of the Association of Graduates at Escola Superior de Guerra – ADESG, S. Paulo Police Station, in 1991.

Coordinator of the Negotiations Commission of the Textile Industry Union of the State of São Paulo until 3/5/1993.


Chair No. 31

Patronus: Johannes Dietrich Hecht

Participant of the Thematic Commissions of the CNI and of several groups of human resources and labor relations. - Coordinator of the Employers' Collective Bargaining Bench of the Employers' Unions of the Clothing Industry of the State of São Paulo, in the 1990s, of which I am today an advisor and negotiator, being such Unions clients of my office.

  Member, as legal advisor, of the Employers' Collective Bargaining Bench of the Paper and Cellulose Industries Union of the State of São Paulo.

  Counselor of the São Paulo Labor Lawyers Association and its Treasurer Director from Dec/2006 to Dec/2008.

  Member of IBDS – Brazilian Institute of Social Law – Cesarino Jr. from which, due to disagreement, I withdrew.

  Since August 2011, he has been working for the Brazilian Bar Association, São Paulo Section, with the Union of Workers of Professional Practice Inspection Agencies and Affiliated Entities in the State of São Paulo – Sinsexpro, as official negotiator together with three other  lawyers, composing the Special Advisory on Collective Bargaining – AENC. 

Member of the Special Advisory for Collective Bargaining, mentioned above, effective member of the Commission for the Eradication of Slave Labor and member of the Advisory Board of the Trade Union Commission, all of the OAB-SP.


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