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Scholars & Patrons

Valdir Florindo

– Professor of Labor Law in the Postgraduate Course at Escola Paulista de Direito.

– Former Professor of Constitutional Law and Labor Process of the Post-Graduate Course at Universidade São Francisco – USF/SP.

– Member of the Asociación Iberoamericana de Derecho del Trabajo y de la Seguridad Social.

– 2010 Press Award, in recognition of outstanding performance in its activities.

– Integrates the Community of Jurists of the Portuguese Language – CLPJ.

– Awarded with the Order of Judicial Merit of Labor, in the degree of Commander, conferred by the Superior Labor Court, in 2010.

– Grand Cross – Order of Judicial Merit of the Regional Labor Court of the 2nd Region.

– Awarded the Gold Medal of Judicial Merit of Labor Justice of the 15th Region/Campinas, in 2011.

– Award of the Order of Merit Jus et Labor, in the degree of Commander, conferred by the Regional Labor Court of the 8th Region – Pará and Amapá.


Chair No. 36

Patron: Joao Pereira da Silva

– MMDC Constitutionalist Medal of the Veterans Society of 1932, made official by Decree nº 29.896, of 10–05-1989, of the Government of the State of São Paulo.

– Grand Cross of the “Order of Civic and Cultural Merit”, made official by Ordinance No. 153, of June 4, 1965 of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

– Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit of the Entrepreneur Visconde de Mauá, made official through Law nº 2169 of February 10, 1988 of the Municipality of Mauá, State of São Paulo.

– Commander Chancellor of the Brazilian Society of Heraldry and Humanistics.

– Guest member of the Brazilian Institute of Social Law Cesarino Junior (IBDSCJ).

– Honorary Member of IGT – Goiano Institute of Labor Law.

– He was part of the team of editors of the Revista do Direito Trabalhista – Editora Consulex – Brasília – DF.

– Author of several articles published by the press specialized in labor matters.

– Lecturer and debater at various congresses and legal meetings.

– “Collar of Honor to the Legislative Merit of the State of São Paulo” – Act nº 28, of November 11, 2015, conferred by the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo.

– Citizen of São Paulo (Legislative Decree No. 20/2014).

– Citizen of São Bernardo (Legislative Decree nº 530/97).

– Emeritus Citizen of São Bernardo do Campo (Legislative Decree No. 1163/10).

– Meritorious Citizen of Alvinlândia/SP (Legislative Decree nº 02/97).

– Citizen of Sulsancaetanense (Legislative Decree nº 375/09).

– Citizen of Diadem (Legislative Decree nº 003/2014).

– JOÃO PEREIRA DA SILVA Medal, conferred by the Alvinlândia City Council, in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 03/2017, of 11/13/2017

– Medal of Honor by Thiene awarded by the Municipality of São Caetano do Sul.

– Elected Lawyer of the Year 1997, by the 39th Subsection of the OAB/SBC.


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